We have Christian Education for all ages.  Due to the ongoing restraints on group sizes, we are holding Religious Education twice per month at 4pm.  Please contact us for specific information.

Pastoral Care

Both father and every member of the St Thomas Becket are active in pastoral care.  From meal trains to helping each other in times of need, our small community stays active and in contact.

Music Ministry

As a growing Parish, we are always searching for volunteers to head up this program. 


Catechism class is offered for all who seek the sacraments, contact Fr. Bolin for more information.  Classes may be started at any time and can be completed on an individual basis.


 At St. Thomas Becket we are all one big family.  We get together for home masses and young family gatherings at private homes.  We are always happy to gather whether it be for worship, charity, or fellowship.



Throughout the year we will participate in various giving opportunities coordinated by the parish.  If you see a specific need in the community, please contact Father Bolin.